Bright cubes

for retail + shop design

Client: Clou tecnologie d'arredo srl
Where: Italiy + World
When: 2012 / 2013
Design: Clou tecnologie d'arredo srl
Photography: Clou tecnologie d'arredo srl

Project description



Transparent methacrylate (acrylic glass, plexiglas) cubes worked with BLU technology (backlight unit), with edge Led lighting system and smart fastening system, technical and with no visible screws, tailored for the customer by FIRMA.

Relevant characteristics: 360° lighting of the displayed product, exhibitor customization and easy mounting system.

Detail of product personalization by laser engraving of the logo and detail of cube assembly system.

Modular bright cubes, exposed to one on the scale during a set-up shop test.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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