Processing of plexiglass and other materials with CNC and CNC+

FIRMA performs processing of plastic materials such as PMMA (Methacrylate, plexiglass), PET, POM-C (acetal resin), PC (polycarbonate) and PVC, thanks to seven CNC machining centres.

FIRMA has CNC MACHINING CENTERS EQUIPPED WITH 5-AXIS MILLS, which, in addition to the movement on the three axes X, Y and Z, can make tilt (and possibly rotation) to the spindle. These CNC machining centers can achieve practically any type of shape as long as the shape of the concavity does not interfere with the spindle itself.

Sectors most widely served through CNC processing of PMMA and plastics are:

MECHANICAL SECTOR for which mechanical sliding guides, nozzles, spacers and various small mechanical parts are produced.

FOOD AN PACKING SECTOR for which signature produces lids for vacuum packaging machines, as well as shaped plates in polyethylene for portioning and forming food machines, plates for cutting meats and plates for vacuum sealing bars.

SAFETY SECTOR for which protective casing and safety panels are produced

The DESIGN SECTOR in which FIRMA is used to collaborate with Designers and Architects in order to produce what is required by the customer, guaranteeing safety and aesthetics at the same time.