Custom Plexiglass

FIRMA is able to personalize each product through LASER ENGRAVINGS ON PLEXIGLASS (PMMA) of logos, writings and images provided by the customer.

With the collaboration of suppliers of PMMA FIRMA is able to PRODUCE AD-HOC CAST ACRYLIC SHEETS through pairs of methacrylate sheets of different colors and transparencies or acrylic inclusions.

Through the long-standing collaboration with its suppliers, FIRMA also provides GRAPHIC PERSONALIZATION service through serigraphy, UV Direct printing on Plexiglas and application of adhesive films and pre-spaced according to technical specifications given by the customer.


Personalization by laser engraving of logo and backlight dots for the conduction of light for aesthetic and design purposes.

Customization through graphic film placements over a custom-made light panel.

Personalization by fusion of two cast acrylic sheets, one transparent and one black. Elegant and amazing the optical effect obtained for material to be used in the production of design handles.

Personalization by direct UV printing on PMMA (Metacrilato, Plexiglas) in negative (on the back) to give depth to the image thanks to the thickness of the material.