Laser processing on plexiglass


FIRMA performs laser processing on PMMA and other plastic materials thanks to two laser stations dedicated to cutting, drilling and laser engraving, as well as having equipped these lasers with software for the realization of light panels made to measure thanks to the backlight technology optimized by our technicians.

LASER CUTTING: Allows to obtain glossy edges, without smudging and a reduced thermal alteration of the material.

LASER DRILLING: It makes possible the realization of shiny holes, very small and very precise with a variety of shapes.

ENGRAVING | LASER MARKING: Thanks to the laser technology it is possible to affect the material with different intensities, thus creating images or writings decided or with various shades.


Laser engraving technology based on an algorithm that depending on shape and size of the light panels to be realized, optimizes the engraving to ensure perfect luminous uniformity.

Edge LEDs light source also guarantees a considerable energy saving.

The use of LEDs allows to create very thin custom-made light panels (from 5 to 15 mm). All-inclusive panels complete with reflective panel, light panel, diffuser or graphic print, luminous system and metal frame reach 15/18 mm thick.

All light panels are customizable by shape, size and, on request, also through overlay of printed graphics on PMMA (plexiglas, methacrylate) or backlight/translucent film.

The areas of increased use of custom-made light panels produced by FIRMA are the Residential & Yacht Design sectors in which the panels are combined with onyx and marble tops.

For companies in the Light Design sector, FIRMA, starting from the flat light panel is able to realize, according to the customer’s technical specifications, hemispheres, cylinders and luminous cone trunks.