GunBox + GunStorage

Project description



Each element or detail realized for GunBox and GunStorage, that are gun+magazine box and bullet box, are made with the utmost precision machining as well as the highest quality and aesthetic finish.

Every detail, hole, flare and laser engraving are inspected one by one to ensure a high quality product.

Depending on different models are realized laser machinings, flame polishing, diamond polishing and buffer polishing.

For customization of the product is realized high-resolution laser engravings of logos and writings provided by the customer.

Technical box for guns and magazines, placed on two removable trays laser-machined and shaped to fit each gun model and gun magazine.

Box lid made in transparent PMMA (acrylic glass) with rounded edges, buffer polished and other aesthetic details flame polished.

Cylindrical bullets box.
Acrylic base in pmma 30 mm thick with blind holes for inserting bullets.
Box lid realized in transparent PMMA (acrylic glass) with laser engraved logo provided by the customer.

Box container for pistol and gun magazine with transparent PMMA central structure tailored by laser cutting.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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