Lighted cone


Client: Maurizio Argenti Designer
Where: Italy
When: 2015
Design: Maurizio Argenti Designer
Photography: Federica Manenti FIRMA

Project description



Accuracy in machining and perfect thermoforming of the acrylic sheet wrapped on itself to create an empty cone, enable the designer to achieve its goal: create a lamp with no light bulb.

The only light source of this light sculpture is a fully integrated Led strip, hidden inside the steel body, light is then evenly diffused on the entire surface thanks to the laser processing (backlight unit technology FIRMA), ad hoc studied and engraved on the surface itself.

Quality control of the laser cut after the thermoforming fase.

Acrylic sheet engraved with Backlight technology, thermoformed and wrapped on itself to create a truncated hollow cone.

Intensity and brightness uniformity test of the Backlight engraved on the thermoformed acrylic sheet.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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