Client: Lab.21
Where: Navigli Design District, Milano, Italy
When: Milan Design Week 2014
Design: Claudia Manenti, Valentina Occhini
Photography: Lab.21 | Federica Manenti

Project description



Personalization and laser cutting ensure accuracy and mounting simplicity with zero folds and bonds.

Plexibag ia a collection of acrylic bag made of transparent, colored or texturex pmma (plexiglas), mounted with simple strong hold elastic o-rings and play with fluo colors, several textures, transparency and a hint of provocation.

Strong visual impact and defiant spirit characterize these packaging bags designed reinventing the production with an industrial chic approach.

PlexiBag in transparent orange version.

PlexiBag in transparent version.
Focus on the black rubber details of the long handles and the assembly and closing o-rings.

PlexiBag in transparent fluorescent pink.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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