Showroom Design

Client: Gefran spa
Where: Brescia, Italy
When: 2013
Design: Giovanni Manenti FIRMA

Project description



Outfitting composed of various elements integrated with one another, free to move inside the exhibition to answer also to future exhibition requirements.

Moving exhibit structure, personalized with company logo laser engraved and backlit texture on small areas that create an elegant decorative element.

Above each moving structure can be freely positioned acrylic glass (pmma) displays tailored for each product.

An entire wall has been equipped with exhibitors in accordance to client specifications.

Partial view of the showroom, set up withfree moving exhibition modules.

Dispalys tailored for each product.

Laser engraving of Company logo, lighted up thanks to strip Led positioned inside the base of exhibiting module.

FIRMA project rendering.

Tailored display.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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