Valves display

Client: Runtal Italia Zehnder Group
Where: Italy + World
When: 2004

Project description



Utmost perfection and compliance to customer technical specifications both in machining, endurance gluing and thermoforming, as well as in silk-screen customization.

Technical methacrylate (acrylic glass, plexiglas) display front and back screen-printed according to technical and graphic specifications set by the customer.

The display, which will support the weight of several valves, is composed of a vertical part thermoformed and perforated, and by a base firmly glued.

Personalization with screen printed logo and texture.

Focus on the perfection of thermoforming.

One centimeter thick acrylic glass structure, perfectly polished and bent.

Blue stripes made of silk screen.

Fabricated and Machined Plastic Parts, CNC machining of Acrylic and Engineering Polymers

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