Plastic Materials for Aesthetic Medical Device and Equipment

Plastic used in the medical field, include a wide variety of plastic and engineering and high-tech polymers. Plastics provide a safe and an inexpensive way to manufacture equipment to those in the healthcare industry.

FIRMA is a contract manufacturer, specialised in CNC machining and turning of plastic parts and components for Aesthetic Medical Devices and Equipment

Plastic medical devices have had a profound impact on aesthetical medical business.

It’s fair to say that plastic medical-device manufacturers are on the right track due to the material’s advantages over metal. Plastic is also durable and extremely easy to clean and sterilise, with a performance on par with metal in areas such as strength-to-weight/stiffness.

In the medical device industry, CNC machining affords cost-effective prototypes. It is also ideal for low or medium series production volumes.

Why realise plastic components for Aesthetic Medical Device?


Some BEST OF Plastic in Aesthetical Device and Equipments

  • PRACTICAL CHOICE FOR MANUFACTURING / When complex and intricate geometries are involved, the flexibility of plastics as relative to metals makes good sense. Plastics can also provide metal-like robustness and strength.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC / Minimising hand fatigue can be achived by using plastic medical-device components. Metals are heavier, while plastics are lighter and easier to handle. Minimising weight increases mobility, which makes components easier to use.
  • ECONOMICAL / Manufacturing with plastic and high-tech polymers is more affordable than metals, whether at high or low volume. Plastic is also cheaper to store and ship, as it’s lightweight. By focussing on lower-cost solutions, manufacturers can make affordability a key benefit to their products.
  • RECYCLABILITY / The healthcare industry is looking for ways to lower its carbon footprint, and recyclable solutions is the way forward when possible. Certain plastic medical applications can be recycled.


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